For which applications do I need the different versions?

Ferro soft
ensures that magnets could be stuck onto surfaces where they normally would not stick. In combi-
nation with blackboard, whiteboard, coloured or digital printing films individual and writable memoboads could be created
where magnets stick on. The possible ways of combining the product are nearly unlimited.
Ferro soft - print
has a white, digitally printable surface and is printable with all solvent, eco-solvent and UV
curable inks. In combination with transparent whiteboard films individually printed and writable memoboards could be
created where magnets stick on
Ferro soft whiteboard
This self-adhesive ferrous film with a whiteboard finish transforms any smooth surface into a magnetically-receptive whiteboard. Especially flexible, it can be shipped and stored also in a rolled-up condition. The glossy white film can be cut to any shape, is easy to apply and just as easy to remove – in one piece. A ready-made 2-in-1 solution, it lets you create a high-quality, multi-functional communication surface in just one simple step.
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