The self-adhesive printable ferrous film

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This film containing iron turns every smooth substrate into a magnetically-receptive surface. Thanks to the special softness of the film it is printable with all commonly used large-format digital printing systems and lends itself perfectly to creative customisation. It can be cut to any imaginable shape or size, is easy to apply and can be combined with other self-adhesive films. In combination with  transparent blackboard and whiteboard films for instance, printed graphics can also be written on with chalk or whiteboard markers.


  • Transforms smooth substrates into magnetically-receptive surfaces
  • Digitally printable for customisation
  • Perfect in combination with transparent chalkboard and whiteboard films to create writable magnet boards for offices, homes or retail environments
  • Organisational board or background graphics for magnetic, changeable advertising messages
  • Excellent magnetic adhesion thanks to high iron powder content
  • Easy application, softer and more flexible than standard products
  • Can be stored and transported rolled onto a core depending on additional surface material
  • Printable with solvent, eco-solvent, latex, UV-curing and screen printing inks
  • The film does not rust and corrode
  • Can be removed in one piece
  • The film conforms with REACH


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