PREMIUM blackboard

PREMIUM blackboard

The PremiumBlackboard can be written on with liquid chalk pens without leaving shadows or ghostings when removing the writings. This makes the self-adhesive film ideal for frequently changing writings like in restaurants, schools, offices or in private households.


  • Application on smooth indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Creation of blackboards for schools, nurseries, offices or homes
  • Creation of stand-up displays for e.g. bars or restaurants
  • Restoration of damaged and worn blackboards
  • Only blackboard film on the market from which liquid chalk can be removed without leaving residues
  • Scratch and solvent resistant surface
  • Even after permanent use no ghostings will occur
  • Writable with liquid chalk pens and school chalk
  • Unsuitable writings (e.g. with a permanent marker) can we removed easily with organic solvents
  • Easy to apply


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