Transparent whiteboard paint

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Our Whiteboard Paint is also very suitable for meeting places, schools, bars and restaurants or even at home. People like to post small ads on the wall of a coffee shop. Or leave messages and drawings for each other on the bathroom or kitchen door. Are these messages outdated or unwanted? You can easily remove them from the wall with a wiper, without having to use a cleaning spray.

Active Wall is a professional, durable, water based 2 component polyurethane coating for flat surfaces, which
can be written on using special whiteboard markers.
Our Whiteboard Paint offers countless opportunities to countless people. You can put up written announcements, creative sketches, menus, project information or innovative ideas in your meeting room, residential kitchen, school or restaurant as you wish. Moreover, it's up to you to decide how you want to present your information: on a 5 by 2 metre whiteboard wall or on a write on door, table or chair. Anything is possible!
Suitable surfaces are: cement, plaster, wood, concrete, plasterboard, board, etc
Water based
Very though and longlasting
Ink from good whiteboard markers can be cleaned off easily. Can be used without whiteboard cleaner.
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