High-quality self-adhesive XXL whiteboard. Width: 150 cm

51 € incl. VAT

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The self-adhesive whiteboard film turns every surface into a writable whiteboard. The highly scratch resistant surface ensures that writings can be wiped off dry without leaving any shadows or ghostings. Finest air release channels allow air bubbles to be wiped out with ease and make the application fast and easy.


  • Creation of whiteboard surfaces that can be wiped off dry
  • Daily changing writings in schools, nurseries, seminar rooms, children rooms
  • Restoration of old whiteboards
  • Only whiteboard film on the market with air release channels for an easy dry application
  • Writings can be wiped off without leaving ghostings
  • Writable with all whiteboard markers
  • Finest air release channels allow even inexperienced users an easy and fast application on large surfaces
  • High dimension stability, no shrinkage
  • Permanent markers can be easily removed with solvent, without damaging the surface
  • Minimum durability outdoors: 5 years
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