Flexible, magnetically-receptive ferrous film with a glossy whiteboard finish Width: 150 cm

84 € incl. VAT

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This self-adhesive ferrous film with a dry erase finish turns every smooth substrate into a magnetically-receptive whiteboard. Thanks to the special softness of the film it is possible to store and ship the product in a rolled-up condition. It can be cut to any imaginable shape or size and is easy to apply. Thus, this new film offers a ready-made 2-in-1 solution, which lets you create a high-quality, multi-functional communications surface in just a single pass.


  • Transforms smooth substrates into magnetically-receptive surfaces that can be written on and wiped clean like a whiteboard
  • Daily changing writings in schools, nurseries, offices, meeting rooms, hospitals and many more
  • Organisational board and communications surface


  • Excellent magnetic adhesion thanks to high iron powder content
  • Easy application, softer and more flexible than standard products
  • Can be stored and transported rolled onto a core
  • Whiteboard surface is easy to clean and even frequent rewriting creates no ghosting or shadows
  • Can be cut
  • The film does not rust and corrode
  • Can be removed in one piece
  • Film is free of PVC and plasticisers and conforms with REACH
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